Former offenders helping former offenders

phone-callThere is a long list of services in the Chattanooga area that are available to former offenders. A few are intended for former offenders specifically. Others are open to the general population and don’t discriminate against them. Some are quite good and stand ready to help. However, finding them can be a serious challenge for those just coming home from prison. And with nowhere to turn to for information about what’s available and to get front-line recommendations about what actually works, the odds are against them.

The lack of information is particularly problematic during the first hours of freedom when former offenders are faced with the practical needs for food, clothing and shelter and confronted with the tough realities of a generally unforgiving society. Without a helping hand during these critical hours, hope too easily dissolves in desperation as many too many return to a life a crime and corrections because there doesn’t appear to be another way.

And to think, something as simple as a phone call could have made the difference.

If you have recently been released from prison or you are a loved one of someone who is either currently incarcerated or recently released, please don’t hesitate to contact Re:conx at:

(423) 266-1888 Ext 100

You can also search on your own for services in your area by clicking on the 211 link below. Enter the service you are looking as a “Keyword” and the county where you are looking for services under “Physical Location.”

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