The Author: Timothy Dempsey

Timothy Dempsey was introduced to prison outreach in 1987 as a senior at The University of Notre Dame where he lived in a half-way house as part of an initiative through the Center for Social Concerns. There he was exposed to Elkhart Indiana’s highly influential restorative justice movement and to emerging models of therapeutic communiHiringFelonsties and consensus. That unique experience both shaped his reentry philosophy and helped to launch his career in the social sector where he has consistently led organizations with unusually tough missions and with a focus on the principles and practices of a powerful change process developed by M. Scott Peck, MD, called Community Building.

In addition to developing one of Tennessee’s first work-readiness programs for former offenders, Timothy established one of the nation’s first alternative staffing programs exclusively for returning prisoners and is currently developing an intentionally non-funded, volunteer-driven, continuum of care model that provides support to prisoners and their families from the first days of incarceration until full restoration in society. He serves as the Executive Director of two nonprofit organizations and has a consulting firm that assists grassroots organizations in early and transitional stages.

Timothy has a BA from the University of Notre Dame, an MA from Catholic University of America and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. He is currently living in Chattanooga with his wife and two children

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