Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Sun Comes is intended for program staff, volunteers and the loved ones of prisoners who want to take an active role in supporting them on their road to return. It is written for prisoner — but not necessarily for them to read. The hope is that people from their hometowns will serve as good stewards of the content, passing it along in various ways to those who they want to help. This indirect method makes it possible to develop content for prisoners even if they are unable to read it. More importantly, it convert readers into active stakeholders in their reentry goals.

The book will be organized by correctional status; therefore, readers can skip directly to content that fits the immediate experience of the person they’re working with. Sections will lead with thought provoking questions to help personalize the content as well as simple action steps to help operationalize the concepts. Key points will be emphasized with poems collected by Chattanooga Endeavors over the years and embraced by those its has served in its programs. And a variety of supplemental material will be available to support the reader’s efforts and the prisoners goals.




Part I – Welcome To The American Prison

  • A Brief History of Incarceration in America
  • Our New Normal – How Prison Has Shaped Its Target Audience
  • The Fallacy of Rehabilitation
  • Prison Writers – Finding Meaning In Punishment
  • The Individual Value Of Incarceration

Part II – Making the Most of Incarceration

  • Beginning With The End In Mind
  • Change And What Gets In The Way
  • Slipping Up – The Big Four
  • Slipping Up – The Little Four
  • Minimizing Distance – Keeping Up Relationships Outside Prison
  • Thinking Outside the Cage
  • Finding Center – Beginning A Personal Practice
  • The Value of One Good Friend

Part II – Ready to Return

  • Maslow and What Matters At The Time
  • Wasted Plans – Avoiding Common Mistakes When Organizing Future Goals
  • Anticipating Barriers – The Art of Visualization
  • The Short List – What Is Absolutely Needed To Make It Outside Prison
  • The Value of One Good Friend (continued)

Part III – Shaking Off Prison

  • Unlearning Prison – Replacing Prison Values With Community Values
  • A Lingering Debt – The Ongoing Cost Of Trauma And How To Let It Go
  • Good Money Chasing Bad – Avoiding Programs That Benefit Themselves
  • Finding Center – Maintaining A Personal Practice In Transition
  • The Value of One Good Friend (continued)

Part IV – What Matters During Reentry

  • Shifting Priorities – Putting First Things First
  • The Seven Pillars of Success:
    • Employment/Education
    • Physical/Mental/Emotional Health
    • Peers/Mentors
    • Housing/Family
    • Community/Volunteering
    • Leisure/Recreation
    • Meaning/Purpose
  • Battles To Yield – Knowing When Not To Put Up A Fight
  • Making It Easy – Finding Currents of Success
  • The Value of One Good Friend (continued)

Part V – Becoming a Stakeholder in Society

  • Personal Stories – The Dramatic Significants Of One’s Life
  • Follow Your Nose – The Art Of Lifelong Learning
  • The Anti-Social Answer – Giving Back
  • Finding Center – Deepening  & Widening A Personal Practice
  • The Value of One Good Friend (continued)

Chattanooga Endeavors

Appendix – Supplemental Materials



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