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The Sun Comes will be published as a Kindle book and available at no cost to anyone who wants to read it. Supplemental content for group discussions, prisoner outreach, reentry planning, and reentry itself will be provided online as free downloads. Our intention is to help program staff, volunteers and the loved ones of prisoners make sense of the bizarre world behind bars and to support them as they enter into the daily struggles of the men and women who live there.

Please consider supporting this project with a tax-deductible contribution. Our budget is $25,000 and includes significant in-kind support to publish and promote the book to those who can benefit from it.

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Chattanooga Endeavors is a nonprofit organization. To the extent allowable by law, all donations are tax-deductible and will help us improve public safety by creating second chances for former offenders and their families.

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For more information, please call Timothy Dempsey at (423) 266-1888.

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